The Mileage Monster

Brought to you by Wasatch Hydrogen, The Mileage Monster is bringing "On Demand" Hydrogen generators to EVERYONE!

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The Mileage Monster - By Wasatch Hydrogen


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Check out our Mileage Monsters! We have the PERFECT unit for your vehicle! Whether you are looking for better mileage, additional horsepower, or just trying to make the planet a little "greener" we have the solution for you!


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We offer advice, installation, follow-up, and answers for all of our products. Whether you are new to HHO generators and are looking for complete information, or you just need some technical support, we\'re here to help!


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Check out some of our installs, customer reviews, and feedback!


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Here are details of our HHO systems and FAQ\'s. We encourage anyone looking to buy from us to research the technology and get their answers up front!

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